What We Do - Urban Renewal


We rebuild! As we Pastor our Community, we seek to discover what is missing that needs to be replaced, rebuilt or restored. We do this by forming partnerships and building co-operative networks of concerned people. The area where we are located has hundreds of vacant buildings and lots. It has unemployment appraoching 50% and many live below the poverty line. This issues are obstacles not only for the residents, but also for the surrounding region. The problems are long-standing, and will require a long-term view to address and overcome.


We start businesses under our non-profit. We rebuild buildings and find occupants. We clean up and report to city services what is broken. We hire the unemployable, minister to the hurting and care for the poor. We organize against crime. We live in the area so we we can care for the area and its residents. Through all of this, we bring renewal to one of the most broken areas of our city.