The Church @ Hyde Park



What to expect when you come to The Church @ Hyde Park

1. We gather together as believers in Jesus Christ in order
to worship Him and build each other up. People who
have not accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior will
find it hard to understand or participate. We encourage
them to meet with one of our leaders to gain a
understanding of the Church before attending.


2. We have no set place of gathering. We usually meet
Sunday evenings at 5 pm in the Hyde Park neighborhood
of North St. Louis. Contact us for exact location and time.

Dr. Terry Goodwin




3. We share a meal in remembrance of Him just like the
first communion supper..


4. Each believer in Jesus Christ is encouraged to
participate in the gathering. Bring a song, a hymn,
a teaching...


5. We gather as the family of God with all ages together.


6. We have no set order of service. We want God to
lead us.


7. The environment is casual like a family gathering
should be.